5 tips to help cope with job loss.

It’s absolutely gut wrenching when you lose the travel job you love, with a company you’ve shared many life milestones with. I know, I’ve been there. Nothing prepares you for the wave of emotion you feel. Your head is spinning, you can’t think straight but help is on hand with these few tips to get you focused.

  1. Dust off the CV – There’s lots of free samples on the web if you are unsure where to start or what the latest style is. What’s important is that you make it clear and concise, in a bullet point format so it’s easy to read and that it shows off your skills. Make sure it outlines not just your responsibilities in each role but also your achievements.
  2. Get networking – Update your Linkedin profile and draw on your current network, as well as expanding and connecting to as many people as possible that you think could be useful in you securing a new job in travel. Don’t be shy, now is the time to show you’re being proactive.
  3. Contact recruiters – Ask friends for recommendations of recruiters that have offered a good experience (either as a client or a candidate) or shop around and find a travel recruiter that you feel has values you identify with, and roles you are interested in. Don’t worry if you can’t see the exact travel job you’re looking for on their website, many recruiters may still be able to assist you as not all positions will be advertised. Recruiters work on behalf of their clients not candidates, but they offer a free service so it’s worth talking to one or two.
  4. Grieve – Allow yourself time to grieve, you’re probably feeling isolated, angry and hurt. It’s natural to have these feelings of sadness, so taking some time to catch your breath and start thinking about an action plan is not a bad thing. Take some time, and wait until you feel ready to start looking for a new job. It’s important that you’re in the right frame of mind when going through the recruitment process, as you’ll need to be able to look at your job loss in a positive light.
  5. Moving forward – Take time in between finding a new job to meet with friends for lunch, sleep in, tidy up the house but have a think about what your future looks like. These turbulent times are great for assessing what’s truly important to you in life, and what you’re looking for in your next travel job. What can seem right now a daunting prospect, in the future you’ll look back on as another chapter in your life. As one door closes, another opens.

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Posted by: Jayne Peirce

Date: 20 September 2019

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