Do you pick your next employee like you do your underwear?

There is no doubt that we when get up in the morning, we usually have a clear idea of what we’re going to wear. We have it mapped out in our mind, head for the underwear drawer and then…damn…your favourites aren’t there.

Tucked away in the back of drawer, slightly different from that of your usual pair, do you choose them…you’re not sure. Do you keep trying multiple pairs until you eventually find the ones you were thinking of, making you late for work? Do you take second-best thinking they will do? Or do you rummage through like an obsessed madman picking up various pairs until you find the closest match?

What I want to get across is that when we start the travel recruitment process we all have an idea of the perfect candidate we’re looking for. But just how open and flexible are you to looking at other candidates that offer buckets of enthusiasm, drive and a willingness to learn? In a market where some quality candidates are hard to reach, do you go to every recruiter and still not find ‘the perfect’ candidate? Do you insist on not making a decision until you’ve received multiple CV’s? Or do you think I’ve seen a couple of candidates I can actually employ, they have an interest and passion for our business and I can teach them anything they don’t know.    

When choosing your underwear for the day, you might not end up with the pair you had in mind but they could be the pair that give you flexibility, stretch and don’t wear thin after a few too many times through the tumble. In a market where the perfect candidate is hard to attract and retain, open yourself up and you just might find the one that will last the distance.

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Posted by: Jayne Peirce

Date: 22 November 2019

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