Hi, can I book a flight?

Last week I answered a call to be asked “Hi, can I book a flight?” I explained to the person on the phone that we are a travel recruitment agency and I unfortunately wouldn’t be able to fulfill his request, even though I was intrigued to find out where he wanted to go!

It made me chuckle and wonder what type of research this traveller had done before he picked up the phone. It also took me back a few years to when I worked in sales and the buzz of not knowing what the next caller was going to be interested in. Was it a destination I knew inside out or would I be able to offer a holiday that the passenger hadn’t even considered.

I understand our clients, who are currently seeking to hire a Senior Travel Consultant – Latin American,  Luxury Sales Specialist or Travel Specialist – Japan, are looking for candidates with the pure passion I remember having, to help passengers enjoy a quick getaway or dream holiday. Our clients are looking for candidates who can pass on their knowledge and expertise to ensure customers are well advised, enabling them the opportunity to take an unforgettable break from the day to day grind.

As a travel recruitment specialist with industry knowledge, we know what makes a person stand out as a star candidate for your business.

See our clients page to find out more about how we partner travel companies.

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Posted by: Demi Girling

Date: 21 February 2019

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