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Do you find that our industry is looked at as a ‘lesser’ career path? Jobs in the hospitality, tourism and travel sector currently have a poor reputation despite numerous opportunities to climb the ladder. Many people view a job in travel as low paid and low skilled, one you work in before you move on to something better.

Will the governments endorsement of a tourism and hospitality sector deal help to change the industry’s negative image as a secondary career? The deal has now been approved by government and will hopefully lead to the industry being taken more seriously and will encourage young people to choose the travel/tourism/hospitality sector for their careers.

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UKHospitality has said there is a proposal for an industry-led £10 million campaign to shift perception about jobs in the sector. The campaign will also see industry leaders go and talk to young people about careers and how you can progress and exceed with a job in travel. With 3.2 million people currently employed in this industry, travel/tourism/hospitality is the UK’s third biggest employer, showing how important it is to retain staff and invest in ‘up-skilling’ employees.

It’s important for young people to look at the travel industry and see it for what it is; an incredibly fun industry with a lot of benefits. Attracting young people to a job in travel is becoming harder than ever, meaning it’s crucial for brands to go to them to promote themselves, be it Instagram or YouTube.

As a specialist travel recruitment agency, we welcome changes that will support the next generation of senior managers in the travel jobs that we help our clients recruit for.

We assist our clients in hiring candidates for marketing jobs, sales jobs, finance jobs and not only for tour operators, but within attractions, airlines and PR agencies.

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