Meet Michelle…

Coming with 16 years of travel industry experience we are delighted to welcome Michelle Bond to the Jayne Peirce Travel Recruitment team.

We want you to get to know Michelle a little better so we decided to put her in the “Spotlight” to find out more about her.

  • Favourite travel destination

Las Vegas

I know, I know but it’s my place to escape to and just have a great time.

  • Growing up I always wanted to be

Cabin Crew (or as it was known all those years ago – an air hostess)

  • I always travel with

Vacuum bags! I am a serial over packer so these come in massively handy (plus great for keeping my dirty washing away from my clean clothes which is generally in a 30/70 ratio of dirty to clean clothes).

  • My most embarrassing moment at work

Well I happen to be a little clumsy…I had this little moment where I walked out of my office into the open plan, fell over my own two feet flat onto my face…right in front of everyone…In the open plan! Bruised face and a bruised ego.

  • My go-to quote is


Positive mental attitude

  • On death-row, my last meal would be

Sausages (Richmond’s, no others), mash potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, gravy and mint sauce – no veg, I am not going to be wasting my time with veg for my last meal. Oh and I can’t forget a nice glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc!  

  • Most memorable  interview experience

A long time ago, I was speaking with a potential candidate for a role within the business, and whilst it was a junior role (so there wasn’t really much work experience to discuss from their CV), we wanted to see how they could explain their work experience role, which included one for an attraction. This person spoke about this role (which they had only been part of for a couple of months it turned out) with such passion and enthusiasm. However when delving further, the attraction itself was let’s just say…a little on the dark side, and required a lot of fancy dress and make up which was also well described, so much so that a picture was shown. Well…let’s just say that trying to stay professional at all times was definitely a challenge as when you get that wave of giggles it’s tough. They were so sweet, and unfortunately not suitable for the role, but certainly made it a memorable interview.

  • If I could be anyone for a day, I’d be

Richard Branson. I have followed the Virgin brand for many years and really admire what he has created and continues to do. 

  • A trip that has changed me

Costa Rica 100% for sure.

When I was asked to undertake an inspection visit sheer panic ran through me…nature and me do not belong together. However this trip changed me for the better, and really put me out of my comfort zone but it opened my eyes to a world which I had never experienced. I even managed the trip with only having to ask assistance for one animal in my room – I call that winning. 

  • One thing most people don’t know about me

Hello, I am Michelle and I like plane spotting!

Yes I am that person. OK, I am not stood outside Heathrow or Gatwick every weekend, but I do have a keen interest in aviation, I even paid the £1.49 for the flight radar app, so I had the full details. Driving past any airport on a car journey…I am in my element, or even sat in my back garden, I have been known to whip out the app to see which Easyjet flight is going over en-route to Southend airport.

Looking to hire a Product or Purchasing candidate? Get in touch with Michelle our expert in this area.

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Posted by: Michelle Bond

Date: 14 August 2019

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