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Privacy Policy

Jayne Peirce Recruitment Solutions Limited, now referred to as JPRS within this Privacy Policy (Trading as Jayne Peirce Travel Recruitment and Jayne Peirce Tourism Recruitment) of Unit 6, Station Court, Station approach, Borough Green, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 8BG is committed to ensuring the privacy of candidates; clients and suppliers data are held in the strictest of confidence and comply with all data protection and GDPR regulations.

As a recruitment agency we shall only collect, retain and use your personal data with your permission. We may do this in the following way

i) When you apply for a specific position we are advertising via our website or a job board
ii) When you submit your CV to us via our website
iii) When you register your details via our Sneaky Peek feature
iv) When you register your details via our Newsletter sign up
v) When you register yours or recommended a candidates details via our Recommend a Friend (It is the Referees’ responsibility to ensure they have gained permission from a potential candidate, to pass on their contact details to us)
vi) When you email a consultant directly via email or LinkedIn
vii) When you provide a business card from a face to face meeting
viii) When we contact you directly, as a consequence of sourcing your details via LinkedIn or an external CV database
ix) When we request or accept connection to you via LinkedIn

We will use your retained contact details to ensure you receive the best personalised service from us:

i) To qualify your suitability and inform you about job opportunities with our clients
ii) Send Newsletters with information about our business or industry news and updates (you can notify us of your preference not to receive this or any marketing material at any point, please refer to Contact Us – point i on how to do this)
iii) Ask you to provide an update to your employment status, should there have been a lapsed time of engagement between us
iv) Conduct industry surveys. Individual responses will not be attached to your personal data

We shall store your personal data for a maximum of 36 months, upon every new engagement with us. After this period we shall remove all personal data held. Engagement refers to any of the following:

i) If you apply for a job that we subsequently present you for with a client (whether you are selected for interview or not)
ii) If you are a registered candidate with us and submit an updated CV / advise us of any changes to personal data
iii) If you apply for a job that we do not shortlist you for, but ask your permission to retain and register your details
iv) You inform us you are not currently open to hearing about opportunities but we can continue to retain your personal data
v) Connect to a member of our team via LinkedIn

We shall only retain personal data that is relevant to recruitment as follow:

i) Contact details – Such as telephone numbers, email addresses, Skype contact and home address
ii) Professional / career profiles including job titles and companies these were held within
iii) Qualifications – We don’t base our searches upon this factor, however some jobs have a legitimate reason to request candidates with professional qualifications to enable them to fulfil the role
iv) Native / fluent languages spoken – Some jobs have a legitimate reason to request candidates who can speak additional Languages to be able to communicate with customers or clients
v) Nationality – Some jobs have a legitimate reason to request candidates who are eligible to work within the UK without restriction
vi) Current Salary and Expectations – We use this information to enable us to approach the correct level of candidates for roles, so that we are not inundating candidates with positions that will not match their personal requirements

Who we share your personal data with:

i) Only relevant members of staff within JPRS will have access to your personal data to use as set out by this Privacy Policy
ii) We will share candidate’s personal data to clients, only once we have spoken to you about a position, you have seen a job description and given us your permission to present your CV and application, and confirmed that no other recruitment agency has already assisted you to engage with our client in the last 12 months. We expect transparency from candidates from the onset of presenting a position to them, for you to notify us if you are aware of a position already

Where we process personal data and store this to:

i) Personal data is processed by JPRS staff only
ii) Personal data is stored electronically with every action taken to minimise risk of a breach of protection with regards to security. Should a breach occur, we have a procedure in place and will endeavour to inform candidates, clients or suppliers at the earliest point, within a maximum of 72 hours

Your rights:

i) At any point of engagement with us, you have the right to withdraw consent, request for us to delete, update or amend any personal data we hold on you. We would endeavour to do this within 30 days of notification
ii) You can request at any point of engagement with us, for us to share all personal data we hold about you, within a clear format. We will endeavour to do this within 30 days of your written request. Please contact privacy@jaynepeirce.co.uk with the subject “Personal Data Request” if you wish to request such information

Contact us:

i) Should you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or would like to change your preferences to how or why we contact you, please contact our Data Protection Officer – Jayne Peirce on privacy@jaynepeirce.co.uk
ii) Should you be a previously registered candidate with us and wish to update / amend any personal data or submit a new CV to us, please send this directly to executive@jaynepeirce.co.uk

We will never sell or share your personal data with any 3rd party without your permission
Please ensure you regularly review our Privacy Policy as we shall update and amend accordingly to ensure JPRS are adhering to any further revisions to data protection or GDPR regulations. This page was last updated on 20/04/2020