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Having worked in the travel industry for 16 years, you may expect that I would have had the know-how and confidence to book my upcoming USA road trip independently, without relying on a well-known travel specialist within the region. 

To be honest, I did do more than a normal client would have done. I researched my route, planned the number of nights in each area, then contacted three “travel consultant experts” to help me get it over the line. All three kindly commented that it was more than they usually get to work with which was a good start.

I of course had 3 very varying quotes. After speaking with them all (asking everyone pretty much the same questions) I actually went with the most expensive option as they impressed me the most. I am very glad I did. The level of service has been outstanding and their knowledge, attention to detail and overall standards has been worth the extra few pennies.  I have relied on them a lot for local tips and general questions, which would have taken me ages to find myself. Saving time is as much a win as saving money, as we are all busy in our lives both professionally and personally.

When speaking with friends, family and colleagues about the trip, they all ask who we are travelling with and I confidently tell them, which is often met with the comment “wow they are not the cheapest of tour operators to book with”.

This got me thinking about how often we focus on cost at the outset before looking more closely at the details or fine print.   The old saying of “you get what you pay for” has never been truer here for my trip and it is the same as the service we provide.  Here at Jayne Peirce Travel Recruitment we pride ourselves on giving everyone that high level of service making us the first port of call for the future.

Take a peek at our specialist travel jobs or get in touch to discuss how we can assist you today.

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Date: 04 October 2019

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