Using your lunch break wisely

We’ve previously written a blog about making sure you take a lunch break to increase your productivity, and in a recent poll featured in a BBC news article it shows that 36% of people want to be on their own during their lunch hour. We are sure it’s not because people want to be anti-social, maybe they just need to escape a busy working environment.

However is this the best use of your lunch break? Instead of browsing the net or checking your instagram, why not take time to eat lunch with your colleagues either in or outside the office? Maybe use the time to form stronger working relationships, not just within your own department but with others in the business too?

As a travel recruitment agency we recommend that hiring managers make sure any new starters within a travel job have a colleague who can take them out to lunch on their first week. Not only will it make them feel welcomed, it might give them an opportunity to ask questions about the company or give feedback to their induction in an informal setting.

Whatever you do on your lunch break, try to avoid bringing eggs, tuna and twiglets into the office as these are apparently the worst foods to eat at your desk.

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Date: 17 July 2019

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